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I'm Brenden. I'm a beginning photographer, poet, and sketch artist.


    On a cool Autumn night, with the full moon barely shining out from an overcast sky, three figures gather at the old wrought-iron gate of the Runeland cemetery. Many such groups have passed through these gates seeking to to participate in the annual Graveyard Patrol, leaving hoove, foot, and claw prints in the mud created form their passing.
    A young, Grey, energetic Kodryma from the Maliai clan chats away happily, seemingly to himself, as the trio begin their patrol.
    “Bii, are you talking to yourself again up there?” Loup, the human of the group asks the Kodryma with a smile.
    Looking mildly annoyed but mostly amused, Bii'Reenruu offers a merry “Making new friends. You can't see?” in reply.
    AS if from nowhere, a brief but sudden gust of wind circles about Loup. He catches a soft laughter, like kids at a playground, but shrugs it off as a trick, catching up to the soft glowing Lumi Meer that spooked at the wind.
    “Shh, it's okay Goldy Locks. Nothing to worry about.” he reassures the Meer, gently patting her soft, orange glowing side. Goldy Locks tosses her head in response, making the blue orbs haloing her head bob in the dark.
    Bii'Reenruu continues chatting with his “new friends” while hopping from on tombstone to the next. Loup can't understand what's being said, and just before he comments on Bii's actions, he notices movement at the edge of his vision. Looking around, he doesn't see anyone, so he calls ahead to Bii'Reenruu:
    “Are your friends going to be messing with me and Goldy Locks all night?”
    “Mmmmaaaayybeee” drifts back softly from next to the Kodryma.
    Bii mutters something, then calls “Locks safe. Mostly.” quickly.
    Sighing, Loup leads Goldy Locks further into the cemetery, reassuring her when Bii's “friends” act up and keeping an eye out for anything interesting.

    As the night progresses, the trio find several boxes of money, some Teru Teru, and a pair of ZinFae scattered through the cemetery. Finding themselves in an older section, where mausoleums stand, Bii'Reenruu suddenly becomes quiet when he hears some leaves move.
    “What is it Bii?” Loup calls.
    Bii'Reenruu signals Loup to be quiet, listening for more movement. He flies over to an old, unused path and disappears behind some bushes. Loup and Goldy Locks slowly move towards the mausoleum the bush is growing against, listening for Bii and what he heard.
    “Bii?” Loup quietly calls, wondering what was happening.
    After some loud rustling, Bii'Reenruu emerges from the bushes carrying something small and mostly black. He begins to hand Loup the small, shivering creature when it lifts it's head to reveal red horns and beautiful golden eyes framed in red, and a seemingly blood-smeared muzzle.
    Loup makes soothing noises to the new-found Chi Kami, letting her sniff him before accepting the little one from Bii'Reenruu, noting the varying sized and colored Maple Leaves falling from his hands and her fur.
    “You're okay little one” Loup soothes. Looking to Bii, he asks “where was she?”
    Bii'Reenruu stops admiring a leaf, pointing to the other side of the bush. “Hole, Many leafz. Under stone-house.” meaning the mausoleum, “Maybe 'nother near. Many leafz.”
    Loup gently hands the Kami back to Bii'Reenruu, Goldy Locks following and snuffling her curiously and being sniffed in return.
    “If there's another one, maybe we can lure it out with some food.”
    Pulling out a bag of meat, Loup looks around for a place to bait. Seeing a large gravestone nearby, he tosses the meat over, keeping a small chunk to feed to the Kami in Bii's arms.

    After a few minutes of waiting, and lots of soothing words for the newly named Serdtse (named after the English spelling of the Russian name on the mausoleum), a pair of dark horns poke out from behind the grave, followed by a moss-colored Chi Kami with near-identical red, vein-like markings as Serdtse.
    Seeing the Kami, Serdtse began squirming and yipping to get free, letting out little whines and barks of excitement. Bii let her down and she runs over to the now-alert Kami, obviously happy to see her friend. They greet each other, Serdtse circling the equally blood-stained Kami, before it notices Loup, Goldy Locks, and Bii'Reenruu.
    The Chi Kami growls at the trio, instantly getting protective over Serdtse, preparing to run deeper into the graveyard with her. She, however, continues to wag her tails as she runs back and forth between him and the group. Confused, he cautiously approaches, growling as he takes in their scents.
    “it's okay little guy” Loup calls, slowly crouching to pet Serdtse and offer a hand to sniff. “We won't hurt you guys, we just wanna give you a new home.”
    Goldy Locks walks past Loup and Serdtse to the Kami, snuffling him as she did Serdtse previously. The Kami sniffs back, a couple tail beginning to slowly move, hinting at acceptance. Seeing this, Bii walks right over and picks the Kami up, nuzzling their faces together and bringing him over to Loup and Serdtse. “New friends. You can see these.” he chimes, grinning a toothy grin.
    “Yeah, new friends.” Loup replies with a laugh as Serdtse licks his chin. “Lets get these two a warm bath and some food. I'm worried about the blood-stains..” as he rubs Serdtse's red fur.
    “No worry. Only fur. I smell if blood.”
    As if in agreement, Goldy Locks snorts and paws the ground.
    “Alright, lets get them a bath anyway.”
    Before leaving, Loup heads over and reads the name on the gravestone. “Huh, another Russian one.” he muses as he translates the name on his phone. “Krov', that'll be his name. Welcome to the family, Krov' and Serdtse.”

The End

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